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Marijuana has been used for religious, spiritual and medical reasons for more than 4.000 years. In ancient times Shamans heavily used marijuana for reaching a trance state and reach their own gods. Shamans were both religious and medical authority for tribes so it isn't wrong to say that marijuana was also used as medicine in those tribes. The Egyptians used hemp to relieve pain for patients. It has been widely used for medical reasons until United States banned the usage of marijuana.

Against the common belief marijuana isn't a toxic drug which means that marijuana has no threat of death. There hasn't been a single death report caused by marijuana. When compared with 10.000 deaths caused from FDA approved medicines marijuana is a lot safer drug for medical purposes. The latest studies has also shown that marijuana has no notable cancer effects so we can say it's safer than tobacco (which United States will never ban while they gain so much profit from it). Marijuana isn't a physically addictive drug unlike alcohol and tobacco which is highly addictive. You may ask the question "Why the hell it was banned?". The only logical explanation to this is noble United States didn't want a herb every one can easily cultivate in their garden which will cut from their addictive and unhealthy cigarettes and alcohol profit.

Marijuana is used as medicine for several diseases. It is used in cancer and AIDS cases for getting rid of nausea and for increasing appetite. Marijuana is known for its increasing interest on eating so cancer patients who lose significant weight as a result of chemotherapy are using marijuana for gaining weight. I came by an episode at Desperate Housewives where a mother is preparing space cakes for her cancer patient daughter. Also AIDS patients who suffer from consistent weight loss are telling that they are benefiting from marijuana. Marijuana is also used by glaucoma patients who suffer from blindness caused by high intraocular pressure. Marijuana is reported to lower the intraocular pressure which my prevent glaucoma patients from blindness.

Although reported benefits of medical usage of marijuana medical marijuana usage is still prohibited in most countries and most states of United States. The federal authorities at United States are pushing for more control over medical usage of marijuana and trying to prevent usage in every state. According to CBS news a 41 year old woman, mother of two, living in Oakland and using marijuana with doctor prescription is taken to U.S. Supreme Court and the court ruled against medical marijuana usage. Federal authorities are trying to suppress federal laws over state laws and such court decisions are encouraging them.

Actually I'm really impressed how U.S.A. can forbid something proven to be useful while promoting deadly tobacco and alcohol. Does anyone needs to speak of honesty while the alcohol and tobacco cartels profits are in question?



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