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Joe Rogan from the once popular T.V. show Fear Factor wrote a letter to the Kellogg's company recently concerning the Michael Phelp's pot photo issue, you can read it here at The Rogan Blog, Joe's personal blog. He really nails it to them, those bastards at Kellogg's owe SO MUCH to Michael Phelps and the majority of the American public feels this way as well! The more celebrity status people that speak out on this the better! In fact i would like to hear what other celebrity's and hollywood actors have to say about this issue.

I still support boycotting kellogg's and the cause it stands for, but i am kind of disappointed in Michael, he should have never apologized to anyone. Michael, my personal message to you is you should formally stand your ground, you have the ultimate position and power to do so and knock some sense into the rest of our pathetic society and government on this issue of marijuana.

If Joe Rogan has the ballz to publicly display his feelings on this matter, and many other celebs, public figures, and well respected journalists for many popular news outlets do, then so do you Michael, you are letting down millions of good hard working americans that get prosecuted and have their lives destroyed because of petty drug offenses.

Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters,...ripped away from their families...

AND FOR WHAT!????????

Would you care to answer this one Michael??? Since we can not get an answer from our dear government?????



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